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SharePoint Admin & Reporting Tool (ART)Beta is an innovative and flexible management and reporting solution for Microsoft SharePoint. Using its integrated dashboard approach administrators will:

  • Easily discover SharePoint Administration related reports and manage SharePoint.
  • Get quick insights into content database across the sharepoint farm.


  • Better understand your SharePoint environment by identifying all SharePoint production servers and sites across network – even those you didn’t know existed.
  • Get enterprise-wide discovery and granular reporting that covers entire environment.
  • Empower the SharePoint server administrator to access, and export reports. It will free up your time tedious management tasks.
  • Enhanced pre-migration reporting – Accurately scope and prioritize your migration. You’ll be able to quickly discover the true extent of your environment with useful reports to prioritize your content.
  • Reduce the time spent discovering SharePoint Admin reports in SharePoint environment.



The Following are the enterprise reports incorporated with this tool using a single click:
• Provides list of SharePoint features activated in site and site collection
• Provides list of content databases and its size.
• Provides list of web application and associated site collection stored.
• Provides list of site collection with associated content database
• Provides list of site collection and its size.
• Provides list of sites and sub-sites stored in particular site collection
• Provides site size
• Provides Count of  sites, site collection, document
• Site collection quota information
• Site/Web apps/site collection permission which seeks URL as input.
• Last content change for sites which displays the time stamp



• Provision to store and run the SharePoint PowerShell scripts with in the tool application

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